Acne and Scarring Solutions

Acne and Scarring Solutions

Yes, you can have beautiful skin.

Beautiful skin begins with clear, smooth, even-toned skin. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have naturally flawless skin. It can be a constant struggle fighting with common skin conditions such as acne, cysts, enlarged pores, scarring, and dark spots. These conditions can have tremendous social and psychological implications on those affected, diminishing self-esteem and self-confidence.

At Physician Skin Solutions in Glendale, we understand how important it is to produce drastic, rapid results, which is why we offer the most advanced acne and scar treatment technology on the market today! With this treatment we can quickly and more aggressively reduce acne, oily skin, pore size, lighten pigment, and improve your skins overall texture. We also offer state of the art laser resurfacing at our Glendale office to clear up the scarring and red or brown spots remaining. Revealing softer, smoother skin you can feel comfortable showing to the world!

We always recommend internal factors of diet, nutrition and botanicals as part of the acne protocols. The ability of the body to function and eliminate properly enhances the results of any acne and scar treatments performed.

Begin the journey to improved skin through our many skin solutions.

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Acne and Scarring Solutions

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