Laser skin solutions harness the power of technology to give you an advantage over aging. While lasers can be used for any variety of things, two of the most common reasons that people concerned with the effects of aging use them are to remove hair and wrinkles.

Laser hair removal consists of using laser and light-based sources to remove the entire hair (called epilation). Xenon flash lamps are used to create Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is capable of full extraction as opposed to procedures such as shaving, which only remove hair above the surface of the skin (called depilation). If you have unwanted gray hairs, and you want to stave them off before your head becomes a virtual forest, laser hair removal is the way to go.

Laser wrinkle removal operates a little differently from its hair removing partner. Instead of the IPL procedure mentioned above, wrinkles are taken out with actual lasers of differing degrees of power and precision. While the CO2 laser is considered the most powerful, and is capable of deeper penetration into the skin, in the wrong hands it can cause damage. That’s why many finicky patients opt for the less powerful Erbium laser which, while safer, will always be more limited than what CO2 delivers. However, the faster healing time and peace of mind is worth it for many, and if you just have one or two problem areas, then this is an attractive option.

Before resorting to these procedures, it helps to know your body. Some people only have a few unsightly buds they want to get rid of, which may be sprouting up out of a facial mole. Other people, particularly women, may have problems with arm or facial hair in general, and so the required treatment becomes more extensive. The further these procedures go in depth and frequency, the greater possibilities of temporary and permanent side effects. Make sure you know what you want before you get it done, and don’t abuse it.

Also, be aware of what those temporary and permanent side effects are. A certain degree of recovery should always be expected for a procedure such as laser hair removal. Wrinkle removal is the same way. Temporary effects that you should expect are some pain or discomfort such as redness or swelling. Permanent effects include skin discoloration and other forms of permanent epidermal damage.

Risks are part of life, but they shouldn’t stop you from happiness. Before deciding, be aware of your options, the repercussions, and the reputation of your attending physician.