Benign Skin Lesions Glendale

Say goodbye to unsightly skin.

Removal of benign skin growths and lesions is considered cosmetic and is generally not covered by insurance. Allow us to remove those unsightly seborrheic keratosis, skin tags, cherry/spider angiomas, port wine stain, sebaceous gland hyperplasias, milia, syringomas, cysts, sun spots, venous lake, warts, moles or dermatosis papulosa nigrans. If you are not sure then call for a consultation and our clinical staff will evaluate, diagnose and treat the lesion as necessary. In just one treatment, you can be rid of the types of cosmetically undesirable lesions for good.

Below are the solutions for benign skin growths, click on each to read more.

  • Surgical removal, using scalpel under local anaesthetic, is the quickest option for skin tags, warts, and moles.
  • PDT Therapy


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