CO2 Laser Resurfacing Glendale

Replace damaged skin with fresh, new skin.

The goal of CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing is to replace damaged skin with new, fresh skin. These procedures are performed in a single treatment with minimal downtime, generally 4-7 days depending on the level or depth of the treatment. With “fractional” laser treatment only a fraction of the skin’s surface is treated, leaving small “bridges” of untouched skin, allowing for more rapid healing of the skin.

There are 3 categories of treatments, each of which can be customized with varying levels and degrees of penetration and strength to achieve the desired result.

Active FX

All 3 Active FX treatments utilize the same hand piece but vary in the energy settings and the density of skin treated.

  • PSS Micro Peel is the mildest of our CO2 factional laser treatments. It is best suited to treat fine lines and mild textural imperfections and only requires 4 days of social downtime.
  • Active FX is the next level of energy above the PSS Micro Peel and delivers marked improvements in fine lines, wrinkles and will address sun damage. It improves skin tone and texture while stimulating new collagen formation, helping to tighten and plump the skin. Because of the increased intensity, Active FX CO2 laser resurfacing requires 5-7 days social downtime.
  • Max FX is a deeper treatment for more sever skin damage and deeper lines and wrinkles. You will experience more collagen contraction and better results with Max FX and subsequently experience 7 days of social downtime.

Deep FX

Deep FX is conducted with a specialized hand piece with a laser beam that is smaller and penetrates deeper into the dermis. Deep FX is used for deeper lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring and results in more collagen production, skin tightening and overall texture improvement. The smaller laser can also be used to treat smaller areas that are heavily lines, such as the eye or lip.

Total FX

Total FX combines the Active FX in the same procedures as the Deep FX to remove sun damage, brown spots, fine lines as well as addressing the deeper dermis for wrinkles, scars and skin tightening.

While this laser skin tightening treatment provides the most advanced technology and the best results available, there is the need for social downtime. Depending on the depth of the laser, this may be 3-14 days. Your medical provider will discuss your options and develop the depth of peel most appropriate for your skin concerns. Other body parts may be treated as well to diminish the crêpe appearance of skin on the inner arms and front thighs and knees. May also soften and tighten stretch marks.

Alternative Treatments with No Downtime

To accommodate patients who can’t take 4-7 days of recovery time, Physician Skin Solutions has developed two CO2 treatments that will provide great results but with no downtime. These two treatments require little to no downtime and provide excellent results. You also have the option to do a series of treatments to achieve the dramatic results that the more aggressive CO2 treatments provide but without the downtime.

  • Buff & Shine: Combining the effects of epidermal leveling and CO2 to refine texture, increase collagen production, break-up pigment, and leave your skin glowing. When done in a series of treatments, it is perfect for addressing more serious issues with your skin. As a one-time treatment, it is a great refresher before a big event.
  • Buff & Boost: A combination of CO2 and the topical application of a collagen generator to address acne scarring. The collagen generator that has shown the best results with is one that is typically used as an injectable treatment. When applied topically after the CO2 treatment, which opens the channels in the skin, the product penetrates all over and begins to generate collagen all over and more quickly. We initially saw this treatment at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Show and wanted to bring it back and try it ourselves. We have found that optimal results are achieved when you do a series of three treatments.

Both treatments utilize the “Deep” handpiece from the DEEP FX and Total FX CO2 treatments. This handpiece has the smallest spot or laser treatment size at only .12mm. Our board-certified Registered Nurses set the energy/intensity at the lowest level and will not overlap the laser on the skin surface. This minimizes the trauma to the skin and the required healing time. Some patients appeared dry and had slight swelling and redness for a day or two.

If you have always wanted to have a CO2 treatment done but didn’t want to commit to the downtime. Or if you didn’t think you had time before that big event, these are the treatments for you.


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